★ Starlight Free Company

Most of this site as yet does not work as expected, so please watch your step. The completed site will be ugly and it will be basic, but hopefully it will at least work by the end of it.

A New Website

I suppose the latest news in this case is this website itself. Prior to its existence I was using Shopify as a web host for about $30 a month, but now the website is hosted on a Linode server for only around $5 a month. It requires more work, but at this stage, $25 is a very significant portion of the company's income and we don't sell items to the public at this time, anyway.

I am not savvy in web design and I don't really have any aesthetic sense other than to say I like stars and the color blue. I am also not someone who works fast, as anyone who knows me can attest to so progress will happen when it happens. So, what is on the docket for progress? I'm glad you asked.

★ Implement Articles

This 'news article' is hard coded into the front page and therefore a pain in the butt to change or add to. A more maintainable system of adding news and blog items is on the todo list.

★ Add Content

Content in the form of news articles and blog posts. News articles are intended to be targeted at informing people of specific things the company does. Filing a form, paying wages, buying or selling company stock or assets, or declaring dividends, for example. Blog posts, on the contrary, are more about company philosophy and aspirations. The blog will be the place where the ideas from which our actions are derived are explored. A concrete plan is news. A vague idea regarding something we might plan to do in the future is a blog post.

★ More Records

For the sake of transparency, I like to provide records that have been sanitized to remove personal information and tax payer IDs. Other than the redacted portions, the forms are the exact same as the ones I file with the government. While I want to be seen as trustworthy, hence the sharing of this information, I do not want to be a public figure or harassed with spam until the cows come home. If you have a proposal for which you require stricter verification of my identity, you may use the contact form to make me aware of it.