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Artwork Credits

The Starlight Free Company owns the copyright of all artwork featured on this page and reserves all rights with the following exceptions:

  1. The original artist may reproduce the work without charge for display as part of their portfolio or to otherwise provide as a sample of their work.

  2. The original artist may include the work in a collection of artwork for profit provided that the majority of the included artwork is not work for which the Starlight Free Company owns the copyright and the true copyright owner is indicated in such manner that it can be easily found by someone looking for it (but need not be immediately visible to someone who is not looking for it).

Links to the original artist are provided on this page if you wish to commission your own artwork in the style of the artist that created them, however the characters and their designs are trademarks and/or service marks of the Starlight Free Company and copyright of their original concept creator so please design new characters for your new artwork.

If you are the original artist and would like to update this information or add to it, please use the contact form. If you agreed to copyright terms other than what appears on this page, then you may choose to use the most recent version of these terms, or your original terms, depending on which you deem more favorable to you.