★ Starlight Free Company

Most of this site as yet does not work as expected, so please watch your step. The completed site will be ugly and it will be basic, but hopefully it will at least work by the end of it.


The Starlight Free Company is an aspiring residential real estate rental company with intentions to operate in the city of Toledo, Ohio. The gist is to split the difference between turning a profit as a business and making improvements to the city that benefit the people living there, not least of all by making improvements to the residential property in the city.

For the time being, the company invests its assets into the stock market while raising capital from the gradual sale of its stock. As of April 2022, the company has just slightly over $10,000. It pays the President and only employee about $48 a month to manage the investments and file all the paperwork required by the government. If all goes according to plan, the company should be in a position to acquire property in one to two years.